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A Medical Miracle
When suddenly faced with extremely elevated blood pressure, my family doctor ordered an MRI (head scan) to eliminate what he thought might be the cause, a brain tumor. On top of feeling really ill, I was now very concerned with the possible diagnosis. To add to my worries was the $1600 fee for the procedure that I did not have. This is where EASL came to my assistance. Through very generous support and fundraising, this organization is dedicated to looking after the Metroplex artists who so often like myself, are without health insurance. I was aware of their wonderful work, but never dreamed I would need it. EASL communicated with the hospital directly and paid my MRI bill, which turned out negative. I will be eternally grateful to EASL and thankful for their help and support of artists in need.

It Takes a Village
EASL's grant made all the difference. Thanks to the money that quickly and efficiently paid off most of my primary emergency surgeon's bill, several other related bills were dropped. Also, thanks to a series of letters written by EASL's social worker, my medical bills from my accident - totaling more than $50,000 - were quickly dropped to only a few hundred, saving my bacon.

A Tooth Fairy

A few years ago, I needed dental surgery. I only had a couple of days to come up with payment. I was worried that I was about to lose a few teeth just because I didn't have enough money. EASL managed to review my application and come up with funds almost immediately. It made a huge difference in my life. now, a few years later, I've got a healthy set of teeth and I have the luxury of not worrying about it. Again, thank you EASL!

A Life Jacket
The grant I received from EASL not only helped me out of a terrible financial difficulty, it also made me feel appreciated and supported by my community.

We Are One

What did the grant mean to me? It meant that I could concentrate on healing, psychologically and physically, instead of agonizing about bills. It meant that others cared enough about me and my art to contribute from their funds no matter how vast or meager. It was reassurance that there was something of value worth preserving. It provided hope.


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